Why is my concrete walkway sinking?

A cracked and uneven walkway or driveway is not only unsightly, but hazardous especially in wet or icy conditions. This problem may be occurring through no fault of your own and despite good levels of property maintenance. Sinking and uneven paving, walkways, and driveways may be caused by one of these key underlying problems:

Soil erosion

The soil that your paving or concrete walkway sits on can erode over time by the gradual effects of rainwater which wash supporting subsoil away.

Poor drainage

Poor or deteriorating nearby drainage can be a major contributor to soil erosion which can also eventually lead to a buil-up of wastewater or rainwater.

Poor construction

Poor original construction can subside or displace a walkway or driveway due to lack of an adequate foundation. Poor quality concrete is also more likely to crack or erode, and if rotting occurs, the collapse in volume may lead to a loss of reinforcement of the surrounding ground.


If heavy vehicles are parking on or continuously passing by your property, they may cause your concrete to settle and sink. Also, nearby construction work can lead to shifting in the soil and an eventual disruption in the structure’s leveling.

Don’t ignore a cracking walkway or pavement!

It is easy to overlook cracking or shifting in your walkway until a significant amount of damage has been done. However neglecting an uneven driveway can be costly to repair and a public hazard. Neglected concrete or paved surfaces can cause a nasty trip or fall leading to injury for which you may be liable. In addition, the Americans With Disabilities Act mandates that all public structures must ensure safe access. Professional assistance will ensure that your property is lawfully compliant and can help mitigate costs associated with long-term structural problems.

Sinking driveway in need of repair? Here’s what to do

If your concrete slab needs work, a professional repair will not only properly remedy the problem but will also prevent recurrence. A high quality driveway repair will deal with the problem at the ‘root’ tackling the underlying cause of the sinking driveway, with attention paid to nearby drainage structures. Problems that are tackled early can save you the cost and heartache of a future structural repair.

Contact a Qualified Professional

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