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Patio pavers Landscaping BBQ's & Firepits Driveway pavers Walls & steps Masonry Pool deck Retaining walls Artificial grass GT Foundations specializes in foundation solutions and interlocking paver hardscapes for your home and outdoor living spaces. Your hardscape and landscape investment should be entrusted to experienced paver craftsmen with the design and installation expertise to bring [...]

Waterproofing Services

For Foundations, Outer Building Walls, Crawl Spaces, and Basements Waterproofing helps prevent water intrusion that could weaken structures or lead to cracking or disintegration. Why Waterproof? The cost of repairing a foundation or wall damaged by water intrusion is much much higher than the cost of waterproofing your walls, basement, crawlspaces and other parts of your [...]

Inspections & Estimates

Call or message us to schedule an inspection or free consultation! Full evaluation of your foundation repair needs Comprehensive free estimate Certified foundation repair experts Most competitive pricing

Renovation Services

From foundation repairs to full remodeling and renovations, we have the experience to complete your project! You don’t have to hire 2 or 3 different contractors to fix your foundation or crawl space and then complete your renovation project. We are your 1-stop shop, and that’s better, faster and more cost-effective for you. GT Foundations [...]

Soft Story Retrofit

SOFT-STORY BUILDING: CITY LAW The City of Los Angeles recently passed Ordinance 183893 which requires the retrofit of pre-1978 wood-frame soft-story buildings and non-ductile concrete buildings. The goal of the mandatory retrofit program, under the ordinance, is to reduce these structural deficiencies and improve the performance of these buildings during earthquakes, reduce structural deficiencies by [...]

Concrete Repair

Polyeuretheane Injection for Leveling concrete Walkway & Sidewalk Repair Concrete Driveway Repair Pool Deck Repair Interior Slab Leveling Concrete Lifting Property Evaluations For Trip Hazards Cracked or sinking concrete can be a symptom of ground movement or other soil conditions that could lead to more serious problem. Uneven or cracked concrete can cause a hazardous [...]

Seismic Retrofitting

Tremors and earthquakes are an everyday problem if not addressed with the proper seismic retrofitting. Homes built before 1985 are at a much higher risk of sustaining damage during an earthquake do to the fact the codes were not up to date with todays seismic requirements. GT Foundations West has a proven system to assure [...]

Commercial Foundation Solutions

Commercial buildings experience the same type of structural damage as any residential home but on a bigger scale. We’ll provide you with a full analysis of the property and you’ll get personalized attention from our professional solutions engineer. Whether it’s a cracked foundation, failing retaining wall, or concrete that needs to be fixed and leveled, [...]

Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

Crawl Space Waterproofing Vapor Barrier Energy Efficient Dehumidifier Thermal Insulation Structural RepairsYour crawl space is a vital part of your home for air circulation and for structural integrity. The growth of any mold can spread quickly and will begin creating rot, causing structural decay. If your crawl space begins to rot, grow mold, or experience [...]

Foundation Repair

Foundation RepairGT Foundations specializes in Foundation repair and correction and we’ll put our expert team to work to stabilize your home or commercial building. We have solutions for every foundation problem. If your foundation has cracked, has sunk 1” or more, is buckling, or has other damage, we have patented foundation solutions that can restore your [...]