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Foundation Repair

Expert Foundation Repair Services

GT Foundations specializes in Foundation repair and correction and we’ll put our expert team to work stabilize your home or commercial building.

We have solutions for every foundation problem. If your foundation has cracked, has sunk 1” or more, is buckling, or has other damage, we have patented foundation solutions that can restore your foundation to a stable, safe, and functional condition.

Common foundation problems that we can fix:

  • Damaged Doors & Windows

    Sticking or hard to open/close doors and windows can be a sign that the frame has been warped.

  • Tilting Chimneys or Fireplaces

    A leaning or tilted chimney tends to be a more noticeable foundation issue.

  • Uneven Floors or Cracks

    Cracks in your concrete floor slab can be a sign of foundation settlement

  • Drywall Cracks

    Cracks in drywall throughout the house are one of the most common signs of foundation problems. Typical drywall cracks will appear around door frames and windows, in the ceiling, in corners, and along the wall.

Our team is focused on providing peace of mind to homeowners in Southern California.

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How do we correct foundation settling and cracking?

GT Foundations uses the most advanced helical screw pile systems in order to ensure your foundation issues are properly corrected with a solution that will keep your foundation from sinking, cracking, or moving in the future.

Depending on what your foundation needs, we provide these solutions:

  • Helical screw piles driven into the ground until they reach load-bearing strata below any unstable soils
  • Adding support beams and support jacks where needed
  • Lifting of the foundation using hydraulic jacks, in order to raise the foundation back to a level condition
  • Polyfoam to fill voids or lift concrete where needed
  • Repairing of cracked or damaged concrete
  • Seismic retrofitting

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